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We are doing our best to help you enjoy shopping with us. Our order making proceduer is as following and there are three stages of order process.

  Before making order  
  Item List > Detailed Product information > Shipping Information > Select payment method > Order complete  
  Payment Pending (1st stage)  
  Order number is made and stock for your order is secured. Payment is not confirmed yet.
Credit card order usually skips this 1st stage.
  Payment Received (2nd stage)  

We confirm payment and start preparing order.

Even though credit card order is directly approached as this 2nd stage, we need to confirm the order again in person so sometimes we send customers to verify credit card order through email. In that case, the credit card order is considered ' Not confirmed order' until verification is completed. Therefore, the order is not stated until credit card transaction is verified when we ask.
  Delivery Confirmed (3rd stage)  

Because of loss in translation, it seems that 'we confirmed package was delivered to customer', but it isn't. It means 'We shipped customers' package'. (Korean word to mean 'confirm' and 'start' is same one - and our website system was translated by mistake)

We send you tracking number and expected due date through our email (eluts@eluts.com) automatically.

If you put items into one shopping cart and check out, they are contained together fewer than one of order number.
When order is checked out, information email is automatically sent out. 

All order process & Manufacturing process is started since the payment is 'confirmed' completely.

Order should be made through our official website (LUTS English) or official eBay store. Except it, we do not accept order through email, fax or other website.

Combine orders

If you want to add items on your exist order, you can make new order with the items you want and ask us to combine your order. Because of our system structure, only limited number of orders can be combined - up to three orders. (Not three items)

To combine the orders, please let us know the original order number you already paid and second order number.
Please DO NOT MAKE PAYMENT before we tell you adjusted shipping cost. If you make payment before we adjust shipping cost or we are not aware that you want to combine orders, first order could be shipped out before we combine orders.

Maximum combine orders quantity is three. Our system can't calculate combined four or more orders stably, we seek your understanding.

If the first order is already packed, it is impossible to combine them. Please inquire us that your first order is packed or prepared to be shipped firstly. When you make order with only goods like shoes, wigs and else, the order can be shipped the next day. If you didn't ask us to hold your order before you make payment for the second order, the first order can be shipped and we do not have responsibility about the shipping as scheduled.