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CUSTOM FACE UP For Tiny-Zuzu-Honey Delf
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* Please be aware that the it will take 15~30 business days for face up process.

* The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.  






◆If you want Custom Faceup for your doll

1. When ordering your doll, add this option to your cart.

2. After placing your order, please fill this form. https://goo.gl/6kfgHr

3. go to the Q&A board and make a post to confirm your order. 




Custom Face-up Order form-> https://goo.gl/6kfgHr

- Order number

- Name

- Doll size

- Head name (sculpt) : Only LUTS dolls are accepted. 

- Skin Color

- Overall 'concept' of doll

- Using pearl powder ("Pearl" is a shimmery effect of the face up)

- Eyebrows (Color, shape, length, etc.)

- Eyelashes (color)

- Eye line & Eyelid line (Length, Thickness, color, etc.)

- Eye shadow (Color, shape, etc.)

- Cheeks blushing (Color, shape, location, etc.)

- Lips (Color, shape, luster with enamel, Dots on the edge of the lips, etc.)

- Other remarks (Please include an image if possible)

Possible face-ups:

- Detailed description and specifications of each part using a photograph or image

- Resembling the anime or cartoon characters  (Image attachment required. Please note that we cannot guarantee the final result will be exactly same as the photo.)

- Beauty marks, beard, teeth if mouth is opened

We cannot put the following face-ups:

- Unclear descriptions such as "make the mouth look like it's laughing"

- Face-ups resembling real humans

- Face-ups of other companies or other customers' dolls

- Face-ups of LUTS limited edition dolls



- Please understand that the final result of the custom face-up may not be an exact replica of your image

- Face-ups resembling anime or cartoon characters will emphasize certain features and might not be exactly the same as the character.

- We cannot re-do face-ups if the reason is that the end result does not match the customer's expectations or the image provided. However, any obvious mistakes or damages of the face-up will be re-done. 

- Please understand that even with the same descriptions and specifications there will be subtle differences .  

(Even if the sculpt, instructions, and specifications are all exactly the same, subtle differences will occur since face-ups are all done by hand.)

- We cannot do face-ups modified or damaged heads.

- We cannot replicate face-ups of other company's doll (Though the doll is purchased at LUTS website)

- You can specify whether you would like pearl powder (shimmer) to be used, but the color cannot be chosen

- Claim about face-up which cannot be confirmed by the naked eye or photos cannot be accepted.

- Please contact us for more details regarding the face-up ; the specifications and information you want to provide.

- We need additional 2 weeks of waiting time for custom face-up order rather than basic face-up. 

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We use EMS service under the contract to ship your products.  In your country, EMS service can be changed local carrier service. We offer our shipping service all over the world.

To select your shipping zone, please refer to our CUSTOMER GUIDE (Click!).




  Some South America and Africa area, other countries such as Italy, Kuwait, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Guam and so on.
       (Please contact us before placing an order)


Please remember that we do not have responsibility on any accident from condition of delivery handling and tariff.

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If you have any problem on our items, please contact us through Q&A board immediately.
You MUST contact us WITHIN 3 DAYS since you receive item. (Based on EMS Tracking arrival date)
Detailed return and exchange policy could be different depending on report date, item feature and condition, item price and so on.

On detail of our return and exchange guide, please refer to our CUSTOMER GUIDE (Click!).
We will do our best to offer satisfying customer service.

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